What is Covid19India Tracker

Covid19Ind is Coronavirus Tracker. Covid19India shows us India’s total number of Coronavirus Active cases, Recoveries, Deaths and much more. Covid19India also shows Coronavirus cases by the state, for example, You can view Coronavirus Cases of specific states such as Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Kerela, Rajasthan, etc. The data is directly drawn from various trusted sources. This Covid 19 India Tracker will be updated regularly.

About Coronavirus

In Late 2019, The Coronavirus has emerged in Wuhan city of China. The Coronavirus was started in Wuhan’s market. The cause of Coronavirus is still unknown. Many health experts from all around the world believe that the new strain of coronavirus likely originated in bats or pangolins. According to MedicalNewsToday, 80% of who have Coronavirus will recover without any special treatment. But these people will required to self isolate themself otherwise they will transfer the Covid 19 Virus to other people. The symptoms of Coronavirus are very similar to the flu.


Are you official?

No, We are not official Covid-19 Tracker.

What are our Data Sources?

We collect the details from state press releases, official government links and reputable news channels as a source. Data is validated by a group of volunteers and published into a Google sheet and an API, which is available for all